Structure and management | UK Anonymisation Network

Structure and management

The network will operate at four levels.

Level 1: The Manchester Hub: Day to day management and co-ordination of the network will take place in Manchester. The Manchester hub will be led by Professor Mark Elliot with much of the day to day co-ordination carried out by Dr Elaine Mackey.

Level 2: The Consortium: The consortium team meets on a monthly basis for the duration of the funded period. The consortium team is:

  • Manchester University: Professor Mark Elliot and Dr Elaine Mackey
  • Southampton University: Dr Kieron O’Hara
  • Open Data Institute: Sir Professor Nigel Shadbolt and Dr Jeni Tennison
  • Office for National Statistics: Dr Keith Spicer and Dr Caroline Tudor

Level 3: The Core Network: This is a high profile group selected to provide a balance between the various sectors and problem components.

Level 4: The Extended Network: The extended network will be a much larger group that will interact with the core network virtually. They will be invited to comment on the work of the core network, to submit case studies, working papers and to participate in the all-hands symposium in 2014.