Structure and management | UK Anonymisation Network

Structure and management

The network operates at four levels.

Level 1: The Manchester Hub: Day to day management and co-ordination of the network takes place in Manchester. The Manchester hub is led by Professor Mark Elliot with much of the day to day co-ordination carried out by Dr Elaine Mackey.

Level 2: The Consortium: The consortium team meets on a monthly basis for the duration of the funded period. The consortium team is:

  • Manchester University: Professor Mark Elliot and Dr Elaine Mackey
  • Southampton University: Dr Kieron O’Hara
  • Open Data Institute: Dr Jeni Tennison
  • Office for National Statistics: Dr Keith Spicer

Level 3: The Core Network: This is a high profile group selected to provide a balance between the various sectors and problem components.

Level 4: The Extended Network: The extended network is a much larger group that interacts with the core network virtually.