Free Anonymisation Workshop and Clinic sessions in October 2015 | UK Anonymisation Network

Free Anonymisation Workshop and Clinic sessions in October 2015

We are offering a free workshop and clinic sessions – the workshop will be run in the morning and the clinic sessions in the afternoon. You do not need to attend the workshop to be eligible for a clinic session.

About the Anonymisation workshop

This workshop aims to give you confidence when sharing or publishing data derived from personal data. Previous experience with analysing datasets is useful but not required.

We will cover the UKAN Anonymisation Decision-Making Framework with basic exercises on aggregating, censoring and considerations about further trade-offs between risk and utility. Advanced legal and technical aspects are out of scope.

About the Anonymisation clinic sessions

The clinic sessions are designed to be an initial one-to-one 1 hour consultation with an anonymisation expert. Within the 1 hour timeslot our anonymisation experts will be able to identify and discuss with you the disclosure risk issues associated with your particular data product. They will also be able to give you advice on what you should do next, such as whether you can simply apply a few basic disclosure control techniques or perhaps require a full disclosure risk audit.


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Date: 27 Oct 2015

Time: All Day

Location: The Dome at New Register House

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