UKAN offers consultancy services to organisations that need advice on their data situations. We recommend that if you are considering consultancy that the first step is to arrange a one-hour clinic session with one of our experts. Clinic sessions are free of charge.

Data Situation Audits

The  Audit provide an overview of your data situation using the first six components of the Anonymisation Decision making Framework.

The details vary depending on the nature of the audit but in general evaluation is delivered thorough:

1.  A capture of relevant data flows and use cases.

2.  An analysis of a small samples of data.

3.  A data environment scoping exercise.

The key intended outcomes of and audit are:

1.  Development of a set of disclosure risk scenarios customised to the data situation.

2.  Capture and classification of likely key variables.

3.  Generation of an indicative measures of risk and data situation sensitivity.

4.  Suggestions for next steps including disclosure control methods that may assist with compliance and risk reduction.

Indicative price range for audits are £4,000-£9,000.

Data Analytical Risk Assessments

A data analytical risk assessment (DARA) uses a range of tools to provide much more detailed assessment of the disclosure risk associated with your data.

Indicative price range £6,000-£20,000

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests – sometimes called motivated intruder tests are simulated attacks on your data. They are the strongest test of whether your proposed data protection measures are sufficient. These are resource intensive and sometimes will require ethical clearance, consequently we would only generally recommend these for data situations where something new is being attempted and best practice is not easily referenced. They are particularly relevant for new open data publications.

Indicative price: On request