UKAN Training Service

If you need to upskill your staff in their anonymisation knowledge and skills then you may be interested in our bespoke anonymisation training.

We can deliver the training program over one or two days depending on your particular requirements. The training can also be combined with bespoke workshop sessions where we focus on particular data situations that are of current concern for you. Through a mix of presentations, open discussion, and practical exercises we provide participants with the grounding they need to use anonymisation in practice.

The program:

  1. Demystifying the terminology: Examine what is meant by anonymisation and related concepts
  2. Providing the tools: Introducing the ADF: a principled approach to doing anonymisation in practice.
  3. Applying in practice: Explore how this approach can be applied to data situations of relevance to your data organisation.

The cost of the course is between is between £2000-£6000 depending on length, number of attendees and the amount of tailoring required.

If you are interested, contact us via the contact page to arrange a no commitment discussion of your organisations training needs.