Policy Papers & Reports

Kieron O’Hara. (2011). Transparent Government, Not Transparent Citizens: A Report on Privacy and Transparency for the Cabinet Office. Independent transparency and privacy review. Cabinet Office. 13th September 2011.

Policy paper – Open Data White Paper: Unleashing the Potential. (2012). Cabinet Office. 28th June 2012.

Stephan Shakespeare. (2013). Shakespeare review: an independent review of public sector information. Cabinet Office and Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. May 2013.

Policy paper – Government response to Shakespeare review. (2013). Cabinet Office and Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. 14th June 2013.

About Anonymisation

This report considers (albeit briefly) the key issues associated with anonymisation. In particular, it outlines the role of anyone who wants or needs to share, disseminate and/or publish data. The report can be accessed here.